Product Page Overhaul

Working with the design team and merchants, as well as our UX developers, we took 2016 as an opportunity to re-format the template for all product launch pages to be more informative and content-rich, as well as immersive for dedicated golfers. We created a space for videos, lifestyle photos and more. The language was also shortened for every F&B and we used more relatable photography when available. This involved coordinating with staff photographers and brands to secure product and schedule on-site shoots.

We found the more a golfer learned about a product, the more likely they were to pull the trigger on new gear.

PING iBlade
TaylorMade M2 family

One of the more thorough rebranding efforts I undertook with a team of designers was the re-launch of the Smartfit Custom Fitting brand. Custom fitting is the process by which a golfer tries clubs in the stores’ simulators, swapping out different shafts, lofts and making more adjustments, and a master club fitter uses technology to deduce which club is right for the golfer. It’s a cornerstone business element of Golfsmith.

For 2016, we re-launched the Smartfit name with a new logo and more online-friendly presence, including a data-rich and interactive landing page, multiple videos (written by myself and Rachel Cook), and multiple digital marketing flights. Below are some samples of the re-brand.




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