Indianapolis 500

Print Ads for the Indianapolis 500, one of the most historic races of any class in American history. Playing off the tradition of the race, my partner Alyssa Kana and I wanted to highlight what makes the Indy 500 so great, from the kiss-the-bricks tradition to the milk-chug that greets the winning driver. All ads […]

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“5 Players to Watch” Editorial & Social Content

Prior to the PGA Championship, I wrote coverage on 5 Players to Watch (following similar coverage for the British Open) for the Golfsmith blog. I then worked with our super talented UX developer (and artist) Samantha Soper and partner Adam Foster to record these videos. They were instantly a hit online; even receiving praise from one of […]

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Smartfit Custom Fitting Videos

As a part of the Golfsmith and Golf Town Smartfit re-brand, we launched these videos for our data-rich landing page and social media use. They were written by myself an Rachel Cook to establish what custom fitting is, why golfers should use it, and how we’re the best in golf at doing it. The above […]

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Product Page Overhaul

Working with the design team and merchants, as well as our UX developers, we took 2016 as an opportunity to re-format the template for all product launch pages to be more informative and content-rich, as well as immersive for dedicated golfers. We created a space for videos, lifestyle photos and more. The language was also […]

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Holiday Gift Cards

A key element of business for Golfsmith and Golf Town during the holiday season is gift card sales. They’re a focal point for marketing, and take up to 3 months to prepare. These three were produced in 2013 and almost entirely sold through at retail; a rare feat.

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Email Content Integration

In order to challenge the repetitive retail narrative of “SALE SALE SALE” and “DEALS DEALS DEALS,” I led a formatting change that infused more golfer-friendly content. Using both the Golfsmith blog [more below] and by creating dedicated emails focused on telling a story, we were able to increase click-throughs and create demand for not-new, but not-discounted […]

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Golf Digest Print Ads

“HOT LIST” ADVERTORIAL The annual “Hot List” is Golf Digest’s equipment-focused issue that covers all new and upcoming releases. For this reason, we ran an advertorial highlighting our custom club fitting services and in-store expertise. Basically, “new clubs are cool, but only if they’re the right ones for you.”

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